Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Tonic Water

We went to Whole Foods this evening to pick up some essentials like milk and such. Of course, we got distracted and ended up getting just a *few* other this tonic water! It's so funny because just last night I was talking about craft tonic water and now I find it. This one is called Stillings and it is a small-batch tonic water made in Nantucket. What makes this tonic so great is that it is made with cane sugar and not corn syrup. It really makes a difference in the gin & tonic. Right now I am drinking hendricks with this tonic water and it is very smooth. The gin really comes out to the front of your palate and all the harsh notes are gone. It's pretty neat.

I got the vegan cookies! I'm going to try one later tonight. I'll let the readership know my thoughts on them tomorrow. Haha. I'm sure you're all holding your breath.

I also took more pictures at Whole Foods, this time with my actual camera instead of my phone. Pictures will be posted on my Flickr page.


Erin Palmer said...

Vegan cookies and G&Ts? I'll be right over!

Unknown said...

I just had a vegan ginger cookie. Yum! I bought three packages last night!!! I have a cookie every night for a bedtime snack! Makes the "meds" go down easier! A G&T would also help!

Andrew J said...

Ohhh the vegan cookies. Yummmm.