Thursday, February 7, 2008

2 for 1 special

Winter is a glorious time in my life because satsuma oranges are in season. They are about the size of tangerines, but they are much easier to peel and they have no seeds. They are kind of like clementines, only much better. Plus they come with the leaves and branches still attached, which, as you can see, looks super cool.

Have you ever seen anything cuter? I know I haven't. Brotherly cat love is the greatest. Look how Winston holds and protects little Louis! My cats are the best cats in the world, methinks.


Anonymous said...

What an cute picture. Makes me want to get a kitten but Romeo would probably eat her/him.

Anonymous said...

First question...where did you get the orange?

And second question....why can't my kitties be cute like that?

Andrew J said...

Your cats really are the cutest! And I've never seen oranges like that in the store! Me wants!!! "Jam tomorrow ...."

Adina said...

You'd be surprised how well dogs can get along with cats. You just have to train them not to freak out. Katie pretty much ignores the cats, but Beignet LOVES them. She just loves all cats. She's weird.

1) I got it from Fresh Market, but I also get them from Whole Foods.
2) Because my kitties win the cutie prize!

You may be able to find them in Whole Foods. They could be a Southern thing though, I'm not sure. At least you have the grass-fed milk. I miss it so!