Thursday, September 6, 2007


Andrew, HELP! You've been gone for about 48 hours and already our computer network has gone down the tubes.

Shortly after Chad and Andrew left, our wireless router just stopped working...after 6 months of ownership! We called the Netgear fools in India and are fighting with them to get a refund. Today we went out and bought a new Linksys router, but now the network Andrew created between our computers is no longer valid. Eeek! Also, I can't figure out how to post pics from to my blog from the new iPhoto. Andrew, you have to help me. I am deeply distressed.

So, pictures are forthcoming...once I figure out how to post them again from here because once again, my desktop is being a fool. It's SOOO time to replace that sucker with a MAC.

In good news, I did update my Flickr page with help from the Uploader. It takes so much less time with that thing. I also ordered some Moo cards because I was having some serious jealously over Chad and Andrew's cards.

Lastly, and Kathy you will be happy to know this, I went to Wild Birds Unlimited again and got a thistle feeder and a suet feeder. Hooray! We love birds. When the landscape guy came yesterday, we even specifically told him that we wanted trees, shrubs, and flowers that would attract more birds. That work is going to start in 2-3 weeks, or so they claim.

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Andrew J said...

How could that happen?!