Thursday, September 20, 2007

Praise the Lord!

One of my wildest dreams has come true! West Elm and Anthropologie have finally opened up stores in Nashville. I didn't have time to go to Anthropologie tonight, but I did go to West Elm because I got an e-mail this morning say that they'd opened and I just couldn't resist. Everything is just as nice in the store as in the catalog! I got a light fixture for above the kitchen table that was on sale. I will post a picture as soon as it is up.

I wish I could find my old camera...I have no idea where I put has a video on it that I want to upload to my blog and I also want my memory card. Argh.


Andrew J said...

Yay! West Elm Rocks! That day bed you have in your photo (the overlapping squares one - in dark brown) is something Chad and I have been wanting for a long time! It's just so neat.

Adina said...

I've also been wanting this daybed for a while. I want to have two set up in the extra room and put bookshelves all along the walls and make it into a library (but it will also have the bonus of being able to house extra guests). Of course, this is after I find homes for the feral cats. Teehee.