Sunday, September 23, 2007


I made an apple crostata for dessert this evening. It was tasty. I want to go pick apples, but a lot of the places I've checked out in our area say they lost their apple crop this year because of the late frost. LAME! I will still keep looking...and if apples don't work out, at least there will be pumpkins to pick.


Unknown said...

Hi Adina,

Do you have a special recipe? I have tried to make berry crostata, but the juice always runs out all over the place. I think my crust is too fragile. Yours looks delicious and perfect.


Adina said...


I use the recipe from Ina Garten's "Barefoot Contessa Parties". However, I usually use a variety of apples instead of just one because I think it makes for a more complex flavor. If you don't have the book (though you may because I know you are a fan of hers as well), I will e-mail you the recipe. It is delicious and is easy to make. If you don't believe me, ask Andrew and Chad; I'm pretty sure I've made it for them a few times. I love to make it because double crusts annoy me so much for some reason.