Sunday, September 23, 2007

Steph's Birthday

Yesterday (9/22) was Steph's birthday. We slept late, went to IHOP for breakfast, ran some errands, and then did some driving.

In July we bought tickets to "Dinner in the Fields", which was hosted by a flower farm that has a stall at the Franklin Farmer's market. The food was really disappointing, but the setting was beautiful and we really enjoyed the other people at our table. In fact, we enjoyed each others' company so much that we continued the party after the dinner by going to the home of one of the couples at our table. It was nice to meet new people and to discover a new area of Nashville. While driving earlier in the day, we saw lots of various animals. I spotted a Killdeer in a field, an alpaca farm, goats, horses, and lots of cattle. It was fun to drive around. I will upload all the pictures from the day onto Flickr.

(post for Saturday September 22,2007)

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