Sunday, September 30, 2007


Look at this cute little moppet playing in the pumpkins! Since we were unable to pick apples yesterday, we tried for pumpkins today. It was a much more successful venture. We got lots of pumpkins and interesting gourds. I love holiday decorating, as long as it's tasteful. And no, tasteful does not include those big blow-up Christmas snow globes that you plug in and they "snow" over some Winnie The Pooh scene or whatever.


Erin Palmer said...

Look at those pumpkins!! So cool! Matt wants to go to a farm this weekend to get in the "seasonal spirit." I'm not much of a fall decorator but people in my neighborhood go all out with scarecrows and flashing lights that say "Happy Halloween!" You should post some pics of your decorations!

Adina said...

I save the lights for Christmas, but I love getting into the spirit of Fall. Of course, it's still is the mid 80s here, so it feels like we're faking it a bit, but I keep hoping that we can prod the cooler weather along if we put out some pumpkins and such. If you go to a farm over the weekend, you have to post pics on your blog!