Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I took this picture of the Atlanta skyline, as seen from our window at the hotel. Atlanta is a HUGE city. It also has more parks than any other city I've ever visited. Also, they have a ton of trees. Really, it's gorgeous. There are lots of adorable neighborhoods with great bungalows and huge victorian homes. However, you are struck by the newness of it all. Nothing really dates back further than the early 1900s because the whole city burned down during the Civil War and was never really recovered until after the Olympics. But since the late 90s, there has been a TON of building and it shows. I like how they try to build historic reproductions though, to fit in with the existing buildings and the general architecture of the South.

(Sunday November 18, 2007)


Andrew J said...

Are you guys going to move to Atlanta now? Because that would be okay with me. I've been wanting to visit there for a while. Haha.

Adina said...

Haha, we've already moved there! Just kidding, but you know that's something we'd totally do. After visiting, I would say that it's definitely on our list of places we would move to. You guys would really like it there. They have EVERYTHING (like NY), but it is much more pleasant and they have a gazillion trees.