Tuesday, January 8, 2008


For Christmas, one of my gifts was this Diana Lomography camera. What I did not realize is that it would be impossible to find 120 film in Nashville! I went to 3 stores, including Wolf Camera, trying to find this film. Finally I gave up and ordered a stash from Amazon, which arrived yesterday. As you can tell, this process is moving rather slowly. This evening I had planned to go and take some pictures, but it was pouring, not to mention the fact that it took me about 15 minutes just to figure out how to load the camera. I'm hoping tomorrow evening will yield better results. Once I finally take some pictures, the next step will be trying to find someone who develops 120 film. I may need to end up sending it out somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so am I the only one who's never heard of a "Diana" camera?

Must see pictures taken with said camera. Get to work girl!


Adina said...

It's a reproduction of a vintage camera. I only know about it because I'm geeky about cameras, do don't feel bad!