Friday, January 25, 2008

Packed and ready to go!

Yesterday (Thursday), I flew to Philadelphia to visit Andrew and Chad. Here is my suitcase in the kitchen, all ready to go. I brought this book on hand dyeing yarns because I know Chad is also interested in fiber arts. On the right are two little gifts I got for Andrew and Chad.

My flight was uneventful, although I sat next to this complete weirdo. He was this 40something guy who was listening to Chumbawumba and kept asking me things like he was my butler or something (did I want my light turned on, did I need a pen, did I want a mint, etc). I like to be left alone on planes, what can I say. I'm there to fly, not make friends. Haha.

After I got in, we went to a diner in Manayunk to get a little midnight snack. I miss diners so much-- the huge menu, the neon lights, the cases of desserts! I don't know why there aren't any in Nashville. Weird.

(Thursday January 24, 2008)

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Andrew J said...

Thank you for my book on Jams! I'm sure you will benefit from it in the long run. Haha.