Thursday, January 31, 2008

Leaving Cooke Rd.

On Tuesday morning, I left Andrew and Chad's house. It was sad! I had such a good time with them. Their house is absolutely adorable and I love their neighborhood. There are all these gorgeous, huge sycamore trees lining the street, which are apparently a real pain to have in your yard, but to they look pretty to me!

(Tuesday January 29, 2008)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a cute little neighborhood.

Glad u are back. I missed you

Andrew J said...

Awww cute picture. It really is a nice neighborhood. Stupid sycamores just suck the life out of you though (they provide a constant rain of pollen for the whole month of April, and then after the leaves come out, they start dropping a yard-full every week beginning in late April or May and continuing into December, then they shed a bunch of bark usually in the summer, and they randomly drop small to very large branches all year long, especially when there is even the slightest wind -- not fun!).