Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello Kitty manicures for all!

Nicole came to visit us for the weekend. She flew in on Friday and left on Monday afternoon. Of course, she came bearing gifts for us both! Steph loves Hello Kitty, so Nicole got her this Hello Kitty manicure set. It even comes with a dryer! Very exciting. On Friday we went to Rumba for dinner and mojitos. After that, we were pretty tired, so we went home, watch some Harry Potter, and played card games.

(Friday January 18, 2008)


Unknown said...

Hi Adina,

You and Steph really have to go to Japan. You would just love the "stuff" there. It is crazy!!

Can't wait to see you.


Adina said...

Well, we are planning to go with A & C next March. I'm so excited!

See you next week!!! I can't wait.

Love, A

Anonymous said...

That is to cool.

Anonymous said...

You know this manicure kit was made with real kitties! How do you think it looks so shiny and alluring! Hello Kitty: Eradicating the world of Japanese alley cats one at a time.