Monday, January 21, 2008

Yellow Vespa

I have a thing for Vespas. I think they are cute, but sexy too. If I lived a more urban lifestyle, I would absolutely have one. On Saturday night we went to 3 Crow Bar in East Nashville. On our way out, I spotted this yellow Vespa parked next to the bar. I love the color.

(Saturday January 19, 2008)


Andrew J said...

Oh man, I'm with you on this one. Sometimes I want to move back into the city just so I can justify getting a vespa! Actually, it would be perfect because Chad could probably use it to get to work.

Anonymous said...

You should have a conversation with Bopsy. She loves hello kitty also and has a vespa.

Anonymous said...

Many of the gay snoots over 50 in Rehoboth own these. It always seemed desperate: you have the original images of gallant young Italians riding around on them from the 60's and now you have these men suffering from their third or fourth mid-life crisis on them to pick up bagels in Delaware.
I must admit, they are attractive and look like a lot of fun.

Erin Palmer said...

Vespas are cool. There used to be a Vespa store on South Street and Matt and I would drool in the window. I kind of feel that way about red Mustangs. I have no idea why. They're just cool.