Sunday, January 21, 2007


Alex is here! YAY!!!! We are so happy to see her. Here she is, knitting in our kitchen. She and Steph are knit-aholics. We are going to take her to the House of Yarn; that place rocks. I will have to take a picture of some of yarns they have.

Tomorrow morning we're having breakfast at the Pancake Pantry before Steph goes to work...mmmm, sweet potato pancakes. :-)

As a side note, today our new next-door-neighbor came by, introduced herself, and then proceeded to ask if we had any gatorade and/or vicodin that she could have. Ooooookay. Then I charred our steaks because I got into a long conversation with our other next-door-neighbor, Christy. So we had to go to Outback to grab some dinner. Doh.

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