Sunday, January 7, 2007

Doggie Spin Cycle

This evening, for my own sick amusement, I decided to put Katie in the washing machine to see how she'd react. Don't worry, the machine wasn't on! She didn't seem to mind too much. She seemed confused more than anything else. She's such a good sport.

Today we went tooling around Nashville to find this Asian grocery store I'd read about. I wanted to get some Thai Basil for a dish I've been pining after. Well, we got really lost and ended up in this industrial neighborhood. Even the GPS on the car had no idea where we were. It kept leading us around in circles. We did eventually find two stores, but they were totally creepy. So the search continues. But anyway, I saw the oddest thing along our way. There was a man in a blue poncho scraping big mushrooms off of a tree along the road. He was using a rusty shovel to scrape them off and was putting them in a plastic bag. Steph said we should ask him what he was doing, but I was too creeped out. We decided he probably uses them to get high or something. It was totally bizarre-o.

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