Thursday, January 4, 2007

January 3, 2007 (backdated)

This picture cracks me up. On Monday we took an hour drive to the town of Spring Hill. This is their Town Hall. Basically, it is little more than a trailer. Next door is an old caboose and a really good restaurant called Thompson's Station Grill (where we had lunch). The town is super cute. There are lots of quirky little shops and we bought some good stuff at the antique mall. The antique mall is in the old Spring Hill High School gym and next door is Spring Hill High which has been converted into art galleries and artists studios. So cute. There are so many rural, quaint towns in the Nashville area.

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Andrew J said...

I love how on the door there is a sign that says "Main Entrance" as if a building of this size would have many "minor" entrances as well.