Thursday, January 4, 2007

January 1, 2007 (backdated)

So...I have "borrowed" Andrew's idea for a Photo a Day blog for the year. I realize I am a little late, so I will post four pictures today. I think my blog will focus on living in Nashville, as I just moved here two weeks ago. It is very different here than anything I am used to and so I want to document that. However, I reserve the right to change the direction of my blog at any time! :-)

This first picture is of wild turkeys we saw in our backyard. Wild turkeys! When I first saw them on the roadside I thought they were large pigeons because who has turkeys running around their neighborhood. Anyway, I've spoken to some of the neighbors and apparently they frequent our area. They are cute, but stupid. The lighting was bad when I took this photo, but if you maximize the pic you can see them more clearly. If Steph would let me hunt, I could shoot our Thanksgiving dinner from our deck. I hear wild turkeys taste really gamey though.

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Andrew J said...

That's awesome! You totally stole my idea, but I love it! I stole it from someone else anyway, and Chad stole it from me too (although he won't admit it). Hope everything is well!