Friday, January 19, 2007

Zoe!! (Thursday January 18, 2007)

Last week a strange dog was wandering around our street and so we took her in for the night. We thought about keeping her, but she was a huge german shepherd mix and she was very unruly. So we took her to the Wilson County Humane Society because when I called Animal Control they told me that they euthanize the dogs that are not claimed within 3 days. While we were at the shelter, we talked with one of the volunteers a bit and she told us how Wilson County has a huge population of strays and because this area is pretty rural, a lot of people from the city drive out here to abandon their dogs. So sad! Well, we got to thinking and we decided that we should adopt a dog because we love dogs and the Humane Society just doesn't have enough space for all of them (but at least they give the dogs more of a chance...they have 3 months to get adopted before they euthanize them). We adopted the little furball pictured here. She's so cute and she has blue eyes! We chose her because she had been in the shelter the longest, almost three months.

Of course, last night another stray (this one a beagle) wandered into our garage while Steph was out walking the dogs. So now we have another canine houseguest. Alex is coming over on Sunday for a few days and she is looking for a dog, so we're hoping that she'll take the beagle (we named her Sandy).

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knitwick said...

So cute!! I wish that I could have a dog... I can't even have a guinea pig though... Sad, really.