Saturday, January 6, 2007


I HATE change, especially pennies. The only useful coin is the quarter, but I don't even like to carry those. I just carry my wallet in my pocket and I hate the feeling of having loose change in my pockets or lying around the house or car. So we take all our coins and put them in change jars in the kitchen. We've actually saved a lot of money this way. One time we saved over $200 in change. It takes a while to fill the jar, but it's such a satisfying feeling when it's full. Right now our jars are each a quarter of the way full (we keep one jar for quarters and another jar for all other coins). Every once in a while we roll them up or take them to coinstar and treat ourselves to something fun or deposit the money into our savings account.

I took this picture today because we were lazy and didn't really leave the house except to take the dogs for a walk. I think the perspective of this photo is interesting; I set my camera to manual digital macro and put the lens into the mouth of the coin jar (which is an old Iron Hill Brewery growler).

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