Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to the fridge

Another picture of our fridge. Let me see, what do we have here this time...
-Scott drinks aloe juice to help his skin and I wanted to try it and now I am hooked! I can't drink it straight because it has a sort of bitter taste, but it's good mixed with grape juice. I drink a glass of that concoction a day...I feel like maybe it will help with fertility. It certainly can't hurt.
-Lots of eggs, some fresh, some already hard-boiled because those are handy to have around for a quick meal.
-Ridiculously expensive wet cat food ($0.99 a can!), because Winston is my baby and I spoil him rotten!
-Some fresh figs on the bottom shelf. I like to quarter them and have them in a salad with goat cheese and pomegranite vinaigrette.
-Salmon that I cooked for dinner

I believe that's all that's of relative interest.

(Saturday August 11, 2007)


alex said...

'm interested in the wine. but hey, i'm a lush :)

Adina said...

I believe that is a bottle of Smoking Loon chardonnay.