Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Open for business

Obviously the word is out about our feeder. There are always tons of birds on it now. It's incredible. So far we've seen chicadees, wrens, a downy woodpecker, titmice, and goldfinches. In the morning when we wake up it is hard to get out of bed because we are so mesmorized by all the birds. They are all so cute!

(Tuesday August 28, 2007)


Unknown said...

I am so excited for you!

Now you have to try suet feeders and thistle feeders!

Our birds come whenever we are on the deck eating. It is like a big party out there.

Adina said...

I can definitely see how easy it is to buy a billion feeders. I am going to try to get over to WBU again tomorrow to pick up some new items. I also want to put a feeder in the front yard so I can watch them from my study.

Unknown said...

Yes, it seems as if every bird has their own special feeder and food they like. We try to get food that the crows don't like.

We even have a feeder that attaches to the window and then the birds are really close. We only use it in the winter time when the windows are closed all the time.

Have fun!