Monday, August 20, 2007

Stupid bill

This is a $68.00 bill from Airtek, our HVAC company, that I do not intend to pay. Our AC is set to 70, but the thermostat says the temperature is 75. That is way too hot! And before *some* of you give me grief about your AC bill and all the energy we're using, keep in mind that while most people turn on their heat before Thanksgiving, it is usually Christmas by the time we turn it on and then we set it to 66 degrees. So we're thrifty in the winter and spendy in the summer-- deal with it.

Anyway, the tech from Airtek came out to the house and says that nothing is wrong with the unit. Beazer, in all their great and powerful wisdom, decided to outfit these houses with units that work up to a maximum of 94 degrees. Therefore, the unit is working as hard as it can, but given that's it's been about 105 degrees for two weeks, it's maxed out. Why does Beazer have to be so cheap? This is the South. It's been over 94 degrees since June. So now we have to fight with them about this issue.

And I'm not paying this bill because the entire house is under a 1-year warranty and we're not supposed to pay for anything. So if someone has to pay this bill, it's going to be Beazer and not me.

That's my rant for the day.

(Saturday August 18, 2007)

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