Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Best Friends

On Sunday I went to the Rock your Stocking event hosted by the Nashville Craft Mafia. I was really impressed by some of the artists there. I talked to some people and bought a few things (of course!).

I mostly bought presents for other people, but I couldn't resist getting myself another stuffed owl. Now he is sitting on the chair in my study, snuggled up to my other owl.

(Sunday December 2, 2007)


Erin Palmer said...

Haha--Craft Mafia--I don't think Philly has one. Maybe I should start one of my own!!

Adina said...

I went on the Craft Mafia website, and you're right, they don't! I was shocked.

You can start your own though-- that would be so great.

Go here for details...