Sunday, December 30, 2007

A relaxing day at home

I spent the day relaxing at home, watching Capote on TV, reading, and catching up on the various blogs I read. It was good to relax, especially after the grueling 60 minute workout we did last night. My legs are still sore. And to think that I worried that the resistance band wouldn't provide enough resistance for an adequate workout. Haha, silly me.

Steph LOVES tea, so one of the things my Mom got her for Christmas was some blooming tea. I've seen it before in stores, but have never tried it. We used it for the first time and it was pretty cool. It didn't look as nice as the picture on the box, but it was still pretty and fun to watch.

Winston was having a grand old time taunting Beignet while she was in her crate. He's such a naughty (but cute) kitty!


Anonymous said...

Love the cat photo! What a cutie!

I think I may have to steal the photo a day idea!

It looks so fun!

Unknown said...

I am very interested in the blooming tea. I have never seen anything like it. Where can you buy it? Is it really called blooming tea?

Cats are so cute when being naughty.

Adina said...


I've seen it before in various places, though I can't think exactly where just now. I would bet you could find some at Whole Foods though. And yes, it really is called blooming tea!