Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Grass babies

The new grass Cecil planted out back about a month ago is doing very well. It's already much lusher than anything we've ever had back there before. I think we got the right seed mix this time. It's also been very mild out and we've had a lot of rain (for which I'm very thankful, because I hate watering). We also overseeded about two weeks ago. I think that's all we'll do until the Spring. Then we'll fertilize and overseed again. Also, the new trees we planted back there are looking nice as well.

(Monday December 10, 2007)


Unknown said...

I can't believe it was 80 degrees. I want to live with you. I hate the cold weather, Xmas or not! As long as Santa comes it make no difference to me!

Adina said...

I love the cold! I get to bundle up in scarves and gloves and be all snuggly. I would trade places with you any day.

Adina said...
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