Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Problem Plant

This is a picture of my ginger plant. I've posted about this particular plant before-- I'm very protective of the plant because I got the cutting from our neighbor in Baltimore. It really thrived outside this summer, but ever since I brought it inside this Fall, it's been in a slow, but steady decline. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong-- sure, it's colder now, but I keep the temperature in the house between 64-70, so that should be enough for it to at least live. I water it once a week and have it directly in front of the window. I also fertilize it about once a month. What am I doing wrong? Too much fertilizer? Should I try a different location? I love this plant and am very attached to it-- I would be devastated if I killed it.

(Sunday December 9, 2007)

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Andrew J said...

I've heard that many plants need to go into "hibernation" in the winter. During this time they shouldn't be watered or fertilized as often (perhaps no fertilizer at all and watering like 1/4th as often). I'm not an expert on such things, but this is what I've heard. You might look into that as a possibility for your plant. I think that brown leaves like that usually indicate either a problem with lighting (too much/too little sun) or a problem with water (too much/too little).