Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ah, youth!

OK, so I am always annoying Steph by singing the theme song to the "Gummi Bear Adventures" show. Does anyone else remember that cartoon? It was about gummi bears (obviously) and when they drank their special gummi juice (aka sugar) they would bounce all around and save the day. The song is always in my head, so I sing it frequently. Last night, we decided to see if we could find the song online. So we stumbled onto this great site, called Retro Junk. It has all the movies, TV shows, and commercials from your childhood (if you're around my age)! I can't believe I'm old enough now that stuff from my youth is considered "retro".

For your pleasure, I introduce to you, the Gummi Bears song!

I also stumbled upon this show I used to LOVE, but had totally forgotten about-- Beauty and the Beast. Apparently you can buy the entire show on DVD. I may just have to do that.

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