Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Junk Pail

This is the Christmas present Steph received from her unit. We added it up, and we think the total value of this "gift" is about $4.00. It is a pail with apple cider mix, one crappy pen, one mechanical pencil, one highliter, generic brand chocolates, tic tacs, and some gum. Other units get nice things like mugs, fleece blankets, or t-shirts, but they get this crap. Why? One word-- management. Ungrateful fools. They obviously don't appreciate all the hard work my Stephie and all the other nurses on her floor do. Are they getting Christmas bonuses? NO! At Hopkins, she used to get a $1000 retention bonus every 6 months. Those were the days. Vanderbilt blows. But it is generally much cheaper to live here, so I guess financially it evens out. Still though, it isn't good for morale to be undervalued at work. Also, Hopkins had much better insurance.

In other news, I got a flu shot today. Very exciting! This is the first year I've been able to get one because every other year they run out or don't get enough in stock. Of course, I spent the majority of the afternoon really flushed, feverish, and generally icky, but I'd rather have flu-like symptoms for a day than come down with the actual flu.

But enough least for now. ;-)


Unknown said...

Adina...poor Steph, I know the feeling. I am a substitute teacher at the same school every day. No one every gives me a gift at Xmas. I feel like a servant. One of the teachers thinks she is really nice because she saves all her ribbon for me. I do love ribbon and reuse it year after year, but really, I'd like a real gift once in a while!

Unknown said...

oops...I meant "no one EVER gives me a gift..." I hate it when my computer does that!

Adina said...

That is sad. As a teacher, you would think you'd get a ton of gifts from grateful students, teachers and administrators. I think people tend to take others who work in necessary roles (teachers, nurses, etc...) for granted. It's not right.

Unknown said...

Well, the REAL teachers get tons of gifts, but because I am a sub (although it is the only school I sub for and I am there EVERY day) I am kind of forgotten about! It's the left over ribbon from HER gifts that I is really demeaning.

Adina said...

Oh please, Kathy, you are a REAL teacher. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

It is so demeaning that you only get the remnants of gifts from others. You should start a gift exchange amongst the sub teachers and leave these so-called "real" teachers out of it entirely.