Saturday, August 25, 2007


I love buying Coke from Mexican grocery stores because it's actually made with sugar and not evil corn syrup. It makes the coke taste so much better. I also like how it comes in this retro glass bottle.

There is a huge hispanic population in Nashville, so there are a ton of hispanic grocery stores. I also got some Horchata, a Mexican rice milk drink. It tastes like liquid rice pudding-- so tasty!

(Tuesday August 21, 2007)


Andrew J said...

Awesome photo! The angle makes the bottle look really cool. Hey, you should ask if they sell "Guarapo" at the Mexican store. That's pure cane juice/syrup and it's supposedly good for making Mojitos but I can't find it around here.

Unknown said...

You can get Coke like that in Japan too! It does taste better, not only because of the sugar, but the taste it more pure out of a glass bottle, don't you think?

Adina said...

Andrew, I will look into this "Guarapo" stuff. I am sure I can find it somewhere. Kathy, I agree that everything tastes better out of a glass bottle!