Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Inkling of Christmas Spirit

I heard on the radio today that it's going to get down to 37 degrees on Sunday. Yes! It's about time. While my holiday spirit is weak this year, it has managed to peek out a little bit. Here you see the dresser in our bedroom. It is decked out with my latest Etsy purchase (hand-knit cashmere pussy willows- so cool), a small wire tree, and some Christmas ornaments in a vase.

(Wednesday December 12, 2007)


Erin Palmer said...

It's OK to have a subdued Christmas. My only vices are lights and tacky outside decorations. Inside, not that much. I found a ceramic angel that lights up and a wooden snowman to display. I think I am saving my energy for when I have kids who are old enough to appreciate decorations.

Adina said...

Do you know those ceramic trees that have little lights in them and you plug them in and they light up? I think they must be vintage or something, because I can't find them anywhere. My stepsister has a billion of them. I wish I could find them-- if I could, I would put them all over the house.

Your house doesn't look tacky at all!