Friday, December 28, 2007


Here is some of the Christmas loot my Mom sent me. It's sort of been coming pieces at a time from Amazon. Here we have a Flip camcorder (I am so excited about this one!), a Diana lomography camera (sweet...I want to run out now and buy 120 film!), some sketching pens, and this incredible book called "ReadyMade" that teaches you to make things out of your refuse and other found or easily acquired objects (things like water bottles, old glasses, paper bags, and stuff like that).


Erin Palmer said...

Nice "still-life" and that's some great loot you got! Thank you so much for adorable sketches. The squirrel is my fave, obviously. I am going to try to frame each one individually and artfully place them on a wall somewhere. I may need your help, though :) It was so thoughtful of you!!! I want to make you some jewelry--what do you like? Earrings? Bracelets? Necklaces? Colors? Silver? Gold?

Adina said...


I'm so glad you enjoyed your gifts! The squirrel is adorable, I agree.

You're so sweet to want to make me some jewelry. I like bracelets and necklaces and prefer silver. I wish I could wear earrings, but I had to let my holes close because they kept getting infected due to my terrible allergies. :-)